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Master suite with Bathroom
Try a Master Suite with an upgraded bathroom.

People who have a limited living area in their house can build a master suite addition by enlarging the area.

You can build additional master suite right on the side of the house if you have one story home. Moreover, you may choose a master suite or master bedroom with bathroom or without bathroom. For the design, decoration, and model you can to try find reference as many as you can. You can even build master suite just like a master bedroom in five-star hotels.

A master bedroom should be the ultimate retreat from the world and provide a private place to rejuvenate each day. At Lone Star Roofing & Construction Inc., we can create a master suite addition delivering you the luxurious room you deserve.

Get Absolute Privacy with a Master Suite
A master suite addition gives you more than just a bedroom. It creates a sanctuary just for you.

Our design professionals work by your side to learn your unique style and create a space just for you.

We maximize your wish for privacy and luxury to transform your home when adding a new master suite for you.
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